What a pleasure it is to deal with Job.  His exceptional knowledge of fine rugs and their history brings them to life.  You can count on Job for integrity and quality.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Helga (Grayslake, IL)

I just wanted to write about the best place anyone can purchase rugs, have them taken care of by Job as if they were his own children, and learn anything one ever wanted to know about rugs.  That place, of course, is Job Youshaei’s store.  Most importantly Job is very trustworthy, honest, and dependable.  There is no better place for anything that has to do with rugs.

Marti & Mark (Lake Forest, IL)

My husband and I have been doing business with Job Youshaei for over 20 years with many purchases.  We have found him to be very trustworthy, accommodating, and loyal with regards to anything we needed.  Rest assured you will be pleased with meeting and doing business with Mr. Youshaei!

Mary (Glencoe, IL)

Job Youshaei has been providing professional service to my family since we first purchased several Oriental rugs from him in the early 1990's.  He visited our home in Glencoe and advised us as to sizes for several rooms with an eye for our chosen colors.  Over the years, he and his company have returned to rotate our rugs.  His crew carefully removed fragile items and heavy pieces in order to move the rugs and returned them to their correct locations.  All of this was done with the utmost care.  As well, Job has picked up rugs over the years for cleaning and / or storage when we have been out of the country.  We recently renovated our home, and he has assisted us with cutting down and matching a rug for a different seating pattern in the living area.  It is with pleasure that my family continues to do business with Job.  We feel we can trust his advice and guidance and know our rugs are in good care.

Dean & Nina (Skokie, IL)

What a pleasure it is to deal with Job.  His exceptional knowledge of fine rugs and their history brings them to life.  You can count on Job for integrity and quality.

Peggy, Professional Interior Designer (Lake Bluff, IL)

Job Youshaei is my sole source for Oriental rugs.  I respect his extensive knowledge and I rely on his trained eye to find the best rug choice for my clients.  He has an eye for color and a wonderful ability to put companion rugs together.  I have found his service, reputation and prices comparable to none.

Katy (Long Grove, IL)

I have found your motto ‘the more you know rugs, the better mine look’ to be absolutely true. Job sells top quality rugs, makes the process of shopping for rugs a great pleasure and provides ongoing service with a smile. My rugs are the most beautiful things in my house and they are the foundation for decorating my rooms.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do business with you.

Dwight (Winnetka, IL)

For the last twenty five years I have been a customer of Job Youshaei Rug Co. and have found their services to be excellent. I first became interested in Oriental rugs through Job and during this extended period I have not only purchased a number of Oriental rugs from Youshaei Rug Co. ---relying on Job's expertise in this area has been very useful---but have also used  his company to clean and maintain my rugs.  Based on my thorough satisfaction with their services, I am pleased to recommend them to others.

Kass (Bannockburn, IL)

I brought my rugs to other dealers who didn’t want to touch them.  There is only one person who does not snicker and sneer when I bring in what my pets have done to my rugs – Job Youshaei.  His store has saved damaged rugs that could not have been saved anyplace else.  Job, you rescue rugs!

Ray (Chicago, IL)

As an enthusiastic amateur collector and hobbyist of fine, antique Persian carpets and other Oriental rugs, I have purchased exclusively from Job Youshaei for 25 years.  Mr. Youshaei’s business model is unique in the Oriental rug business from my rather broad vantage point.  Job Youshaei offers 100% personal integrity and business ethics, and this is evident in so many ways to his ever-growing, loyal and satisfied clientele.  The essence of Job’s business approach is superb quality pieces and excellent value for the money.  Also, Job never has gimmick sales, only honest fair trade prices.  I am completely unsurprised by Job’s tremendous business success.  I trust totally the Job Youshaei Rug Company!


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