One of our customers requested that we turn remnants of machine-made carpeting that they owned into a custom rug of an unusual shape: an oblong octagon.

The center was to be a floral pattern, and the border was to be 4” wide in plain black.

Below is a photo of some of the raw materials we were given to use.

Custom Rug Material 600px

Our rug restoration specialist, Eliseo, cut the centerpiece into the octagon shape and then sewed the border pieces to the center by hand.

Below is a photo of the rug after the borders had been attached.

Custom Rug Sewing Binding 600px

Eliseo then sewed a black canvas binding all around the outside of the rug. Below is a photo of the binding tape with some of the other tools that he uses like scissors, heavy-duty thread, and beeswax to coat the thread.

Custom Rug Materials 600px

One of our other workers then adhered the canvas binding to the back of the rug on eight sides with pure latex adhesive. After this was completed, he cut pieces of iron-on carpet binding tape to fit the size and shape of the rug, and he ironed those over the sewn seams for added strength and durability.

Custom Rug Roman Piecing Binding 600px

Custom Rug Roman Ironing Binding 600px

Below is a photo of the rug after construction was finished. It is six feet wide. The customer then opted to have us sew fringe all around the outside of the rug to have it look more like a handmade Oriental rug.

Custom Rug Finished 600px

For approximately $1500, this customer had a rug made to their specifications with a high level of attention to detail and the quality of construction. I have no doubt that this rug will last for many years to come.