1. Place the rug face up.  Sweep with a broom, if needed.


2. Turn the rug over, so the pile side faces down.


3. Fold one side of the rug over the other lengthwise.


4. Fold one end of the rug a quarter of the way to center, then fold the other end over to meet it.


5. Repeat Step 4.  Fold one end of the rug a quarter of the way to center, then fold the other end over to meet it. 


6. Roll one end towards the other.  Folding and rolling the rug this way makes it compact for storage or shipping.

7. Finish by tying the roll with two strips of fabric at least 1" wide.*  If you need to wrap the rug, look here for info.

(*Avoid using string or rope in this application, as it will compress the fibers of the rug and leave an indentation.)