Baloch (Balochi, Baluch, or Baluchi)

Baloch (Balochi, Baluch, or Baluchi): Balochistan is a region in Southwestern Pakistan. The region is named after the Baloch people of Southeastern Iran on the Pakistan Border. The Baloch people moved into Pakistan around 1000 AD. Currently, about 25% of the Balochi people live in Iran and 60% live in Pakistan. Because this area is dry, particularly on the Iranian side of the region, the wool used to make Balochi rugs tends to be dry and low in quality. Goat hair is often used for the foundation and the overcasting around the edges of these rugs. Patterns are geometric and colors are generally dark and somber with many rugs woven in shades of brown, beige, and dark red. These tribal rugs are made by the people for their own use, rather than export, as a result, rug sizes are smaller, and there are many small Baloch prayer rugs exhibited and sold today.