Damaged Overcasting Horizontal sm

The wool overcasting on the edge of this rug has worn away due to heavy wear.  The life of the rug’s overcasting can be prolonged by rotating the rug twice a year to avoid patterns of wear developing on the rug.

In this photo, the damaged area has been removed to prepare for the addition of a new foundation and the sewing of the new wool overcasting.

Damaged Area Removed sm

Eliseo Foundation and Overcast sm

Our craftsman Eliseo adds the new foundation and sews the new overcasting at the same time.  This particular rug has double overcasting, so Eliseo sews two narrow rows of black wool over and through the edge of the rug along its length.

The restored overcasting not only looks better than the original, but the new foundation adds strength and stability to along the edge of the rug, so it is straighter and smoother as well.  This restoration will last for many years to come.

Repaired Double Overcasting sm