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This is a quality rug with reasonable durability.  A rug rated as “Good” has a life expectancy of 20-30 years with routine maintenance and proper care.  The rug is made from strong wool with a little dryness and shedding may occur.  In the case of a hand-knotted rug, the pile is thick, but not very dense.  The design of this rug is not especially fine or intricate, and the weave is not as tight as that of a higher quality rug.  A rug of this quality will have the greatest longevity in a light use room or may be used in a high traffic area with the expectation of repairing or replacing the rug in 10-15 years.

Very Good

This is a high quality rug with a life expectancy of 40-50 years when routine maintenance and proper care are given.  The rug has soft wool and a tight weave.  This rug will either shed very little or not at all.  The yarn pile of a hand-knotted rug rated “Very Good” has sufficient thickness and density so that fingertips will not be able to penetrate down to the foundation of the rug when pressure is applied.  The design of this rug may not be quite as beautiful or interesting as a rug rated “Very Good+” in our store. 

Very Good+

When it comes to new rugs, a rug rated “Very Good+” is among the highest quality on the market today.  The life expectancy of this rug, with routine maintenance and proper care, is over 50 years.  The wool in this rug is the softest and most lustrous - it is rich with lanolin.  The pile of a hand-knotted rug with this rating is exceptionally thick, dense, and springy.  The rug will not shed.   A “Very Good+” rug gets top marks for artistic design, beautiful and balanced coloring; the overall look is harmonious and distinctive. 


Most of our semi-antique and antique rugs fall into this quality category.  These rugs are exemplary for their type and style:  they have a fine appearance and are made with high quality materials by experienced, careful weavers.  Rugs rated “Excellent” are in near mint condition and some have small repairs or signs of wear which are difficult to detect.


This is the highest rating that we give to our semi-antique and antique rugs.  These rugs fall within the top 5% of all handmade, imported rugs available on the market today.  Many are in virtually pristine condition and have retained their luster through the passing of many years.  “Excellent+” rugs have been selected for their beauty, rarity, workmanship, and the quality of their wool. Suitable for the collector, these rugs may be categorized as textile “fine art.”  In a word, they are extraordinary.


Chinese Silk

Product #: ST0279
Rug Size: 2'4" x 8'0"

Persian Rose Bijar

Product #: ST0373
Rug Size: 7'3" x 10'9"

Indo Kashan

Product #: 098695
Rug Size: 9'2" x 12'1"

Sino Kashan

Product #: 009710
Rug Size: 10'0" x 10'0"

Persian Toudeshk

Product #: 094958
Rug Size: 8'6" x 12'6"

Persian Toudeshk

Product #: 094957
Rug Size: 8'6" x 12'7"

Persian Sarouk

Product #: ST0114
Rug Size: 10'4" x 13'8"

Indo English Garden

Product #: 097226
Rug Size: 10'11" x 16'9"

Sino Kerman

Product #: ST0025
Rug Size: 8'1" x 10'0"

Sino English Garden

Product #: 092178
Rug Size: 8'0" x 10'1"

Pak Soumak

Product #: 006112
Rug Size: 7'9" x 10'7"

Hand-Knotted Wool Pak Ushak

Product #: ST0453
Rug Size: 11'10" x 18'0"
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